Hair Straightening or Keratin Treatment? – A million dollar question.


September 29 2020

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Hair Care

Frizzy unmanageable hair becoming a daily struggle? It is indeed true that most women crave for straight as well as smooth hair. Fortunately having straight hair doesn’t look impossible anymore with advanced services like Hair Straightening and Keratin Treatment available at green trends salon. We, at green trends provide our clients an in-depth consultation on hair texture and your desired style and recommend the service that’s perfect for you.
What is the difference between the two? How long will the results last? Which service should you avail?
Got a lot of questions? Here’s everything you need to know about Hair Straightening and Keratin Treatment.

Hair Straightening is a process which relaxes the bonds of the hair and then seals in the newly formed bonds to permanently transform your hair with a straight look.
Who should get Hair Straightening done? Clients with stubbornly curly and coarse hair are recommended to get Hair Straightening done to ensure effective and long lasting results.
Do keep in mind, that once straightened, your hair will permanently remain straight until your roots grow out which would carry your original and natural texture. A root touch-up can be done after a few months, depending on one’s re-growth.
Post care for Hair Straightening would involve usage of specially prescribed Shampoo, Masque and Serum that have an anti-dryness action to recharge depleted moisture levels and control frizz. It would also be recommended additionally for one to regularly condition the hair with a Hair Spa for best results.

Keratin Treatment is a process which coats the hair strands with Keratin that controls frizz and infuses it inside-out with Keratin to make it smoother without altering their hair bonds. Hence, a Keratin treatment, unlike Hair Straightening is semi-permanent and last for 6 to 8 months depending on proper post care routine being adopted.
Who should get Keratin treatment done? Clients with wavy to straight hair whose concern is frizz control are recommended to get Keratin Treatments done.
Since the service result is semi-permanent, the effectiveness of the service is dependent on the post care products used. Sulphates contained in regular shampoos may strip the Keratin from the hair reducing the longevity of the smoothness hence Sulphate-free shampoos are critical to maintenance of the Keratin-treated hair.
So, what are you waiting for? Step in for a consultation today and step out with shiny silky smooth hair like never before.

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